Building a climbing wall to help you get fit

How to build your a climbing wall.


Contructing and building a climbing wall
Hopefully you will have a better climbing wall than this one I made.

Benefits of a DIY climbing wall

constructing  a climbing wall is one of the most fascinating and really rewarding tasks that you can do at your  property. Building climbing walls is pretty easier than most people think, and it might  provide you a great place to train and work out. Rock climbing has been confirmed to be some of the most efficient exercises there is. It builds upper body strength,  physique power and good for cardiovascular fitness.  In addition to cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, balance, agility, and concentration.However Sadly, many individuals do not have access to rock climbing gyms, and most of the gyms that do exist are extremely  costly for many users. Building and designing a rock  climbing wall is a great way to over come  this.

Take caution before constructing a wall

For those who take the required precautions and make sure you double check every part for safety, You may have a good way to work out in the consolation of your personal home.

  • Find expert advice before building any wall make sure you know how to rock climb.
  • Ensure the wall is concreted into the foundations of the ground
  • Use good external treated wood that can with stand weather condtions.
  • research the required outlay need for the wall you intend to construct. make sure you Know where the climbing pegs will go and how far apart the steps will be.

Planing the wall and the tools needed.

For this you will need the help of a friend and maybe even a scaffold to keep the wall in place. in addition you may be required to contact you local council for any planing permission needed.  Your next door neighbours may not be to happy about you building such a wall on there door step.

Find the help of local tradesmen

Next contact local builder yards for the material needed.    ringing about will keep you well informed on the different types of exterior types of wood  you can obtain. After the wood has be delivered to your door you may need the hep of a professional crafts man. To save on costs you could also hire a handyman or your local joiner.

Painting the  climbing wall after will keep it from rotting and it could last for years. Getting a paint and decorator could save you time and effort.

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